Nedlin Chinedu: How it all began

Chinedu Franklin Imoh (born September 1993), better known by his stage name Nedlin, is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and composer. He rose to fame after releasing “Eze Ndi Ara”, one of Nigeria’s most buzzed songs in the internet. His achievements include one JET Awards and UNIZIK Best Upcoming Male Act. Nedlin is currently signed to Gozzy Moore Entertainment. His debut studio single, Isuochi Ndioma , was released in 2015. It was adopted by Isuochi nationals who endeared the song to their hearts. In 2016, Nedlin released Eze Ndi Ara as his second studio single. He will later release his official professional single “Khuli”. On 5th July 2016, Nedlin struck a promotion and talent development partnership deal with XcelSide Republic.

Early life and music career

Nedlin was born Chinedu Franklin Imoh in the Kaduna, Nigeria. At age three, due to irreconcilable differences, his parents separated and he lived with his mother afterwards. While residing in Kaduna, he attended St. Gerald Primary School Kaduna and later relocated to the South East to finish his secondary education at Evangel Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndiawa Isuochi in Umunneochi L.G.A, Abia State. He also attended Noble Institute of Computer Technology at Owerri, Imo State. In 2009, he began writing Rap songs and started performing them at social events held at his school. It was not until 2014 that he began going to studios to record. He got together with a couple of friends and formed a group called the “The Next Kings”. They performed together as a group some few times and split a year later. During an interview with Jethro Theo Paul, Nedlin talked much about his career and how it all began and the challenges he faced. He talked about how people has always discouraged him and even mock him for being a musician. According to him, his tenacity of purpose has brought him this far in his career. Nedlin also opened up about the discord between his parents and the challenges he faced early on. He said:

“Life is not rosy at all when you experience my condition during my tender years. When my dad was alive, life was pretty much cool as much as I know even though I was a kid then. But my Dad left my mum and it was my Mum that was taking care of me up till this time. So it was kinda hard to get by, really. I have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep her happy knowing that am all she has. But then, music was really getting me crazy and I really want to focus on my music. I got admission at Nnamdi Azikiwe University to study Mass Communication. It gave me the opportunity to meet real talented people that are into music full time in the school community. I made friends with some of them and we were making music, doing some small small shows just to get money. Though no much money was coming, I was not worried. I have something to achieve and that was to build a music brand around me. I was fully aware that it’s going to take a lot from me to do that, I just have to start somewhere and Awka was a good lace to start with. In 2016, Nedlin released his debut single “Eze Ndi Ara”. it received radio airplay in Awka and Enugu. It charted on Lumen FM’s “Top 10 chart”, tooExclusive’s “Hot”, Unizik FM, Waploaded, 360nobs, Ogaloaded, and many more mediums. Moreover, it charted at number 1 on Lumen FM Enugu.

XcelSide Republic Deal

During the aforementioned interview, Nedlin shed some light on his promotion deal with XcelSide Republic, saying: “My promotion deal with XcelSide Republic came off at the least time I expected it and at the time I needed it most. It all became possible after Jetty Jet (Jethro Theo Paul reviewed my song Eze Ndi Ara. He liked it and wrote something great about it. I was kinda astonished that somebody will take his time to write so much about a song that is not his or about an artist that doesn’t know him. Very soon, a discussion ensured between us where I started with appreciating him for his contribution. I was very excited talking with him because of how professional and swift he sounds. I made some inquiries about him and discovered he is a great IT guy, seeing his Facebook profile information alone intimidates someone. He talked about getting me on the limelight through media promotion and I was excited. As much as I know about him and his expertise, I told him that I can not afford his services. Feeling humbled, he offered to work with me and that was how I found myself at XcelSide Republic. I later understood that another artiste that I know who should be a rival to me was working with him previously and he left unconditionally, making a room for me to develope full time at XSR.

Personal life

Nedlin is currently an undergraduate at Nnamdi Azikiwe University where he studies Mass Comm. In his personal time, he spends it playing video game or table tennis or trying out new lyrical patterns. In an interview with the National Ambassador, the rapper said he has never been linked with any scandal story in his career.

Discography and filmography

Studio Singles

Eze Ndi Ara (2016)

Khuli (2016)


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